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Having repaired over 50,000+ homes throughout Virginia, as well as DC, Maryland, and northeastern NC since 1993, we know what types of foundation problems exist in your area. And since JES is locally owned and operated by Professional Engineers, you can feel confident knowing that the foundation repair solutions we recommend take into account local considerations like your weather, soil, and geography.

You don’t have to live with stressful foundation problems! Save yourself time and money by requesting a free professional foundation inspection and receive your FREE full-color “Homeowner’s Guide to Foundation Repair”, written by the Professional Engineers at JES.

You’ll also receive a $500 Off Coupon, which can be used towards any JES product or service!

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Foundation Repair Warning Signs

Should I worry about my foundation? Most of us don’t think about our foundation until there’s a problem. But once you discover that there’s a problem, you realize how important your foundation is to your home’s health and safety. Then you begin worrying about: how to fix your foundation, who to trust, is it expensive, and can you fix it yourself?

At JES, we know that foundation repair problems are different throughout Virginia. Greater Richmond and Northern Virginia have problems with basement wall cracks and hydrostatic pressure while the Hampton Roads and Virginia Beach areas have problems with house settlement and humid crawl space foundations.

point warningBowed Basement Foundation Walls

Bowed basement walls are caused by too much pressure pushing against your basement walls. When water drains into the ground by your foundation, the soil expands as it absorbs water, pushing against your basement walls. And as the soil dries, it pulls away from your basement walls, creating weak areas in your foundation. This is a serious foundation issue that needs to be repaired ASAP!

point warningCracks – Brick, Block, Concrete Cracks

Wall cracks, floor cracks, and ceiling cracks are the number one sign that your foundation may be failing. Brick and block cracks are a result of house settling, which if left unchecked can create serious damage. Horizontal, vertical or stair step cracks in your foundation or brick facing indicate that your foundation is need of repair. Inside of your home, drywall cracks, stucco or plaster cracks, and ceiling cracks also are a clear indication of foundation failure.

point warningChimney Leaning or Cracked

Chimney leaning or brick cracks are a sign that you have a house settlement problem. Your chimney is the heaviest portion of your home and there’s a lot of weight concentrated in a small space. If your foundation isn’t stable or the soil that your foundation sits on is unstable then your chimney will start to lean or bricks will crack.

Uneven Floors

point warningUneven or Sagging Floors

Uneven, bowing or sagging floors are caused by settling support columns or sagging floor joists. When your home is built, the support structure is designed to hold whatever is on top of it. Over time unstable soil, poor support design or waterproofing issues will damage your home’s foundation which could cause your uneven floors.

point warningStuck Windows & Doors

Stuck windows and doors are a result of house settling and can be a sign that your home’s foundation requires repair. Doors and windows can stick, swing open after being pushed shut, or have gaps around the top and bottom when your foundation is sinking. Problems such as this are normally a result of poor soil preparation during construction or inadequate drainage around your foundation.

point warningFloor & Wall Gaps

Floor gaps, wall gaps and gaps between your floor and baseboards are a sign that you have sagging floor joists or your house is settling. Both of these problems are safety hazards and, if left unfixed, will cause additional damage to your home.

point warningSinking Foundation

Ground sinking near your home’s foundation indicates that you have a serious foundation problem. It may not be the first thing you notice so look for other common foundation problem signs like drywall cracks, stuck windows, house settling noises, and cracked bricks.

Nail Popspoint warningDrywall Nail Pops

Drywall nail pops are small, cracked circles where the nail pulls away from the drywall or sheet rock, exposing the nail head or pushing the paint away from the wall. Drywall nail pops occur when you have house settlement. While drywall nail pops seem like nothing more than a minor annoyance, they could be a sign that your house is settling and may have other foundation issues.

What Do I Do Now?

What Next?

Problem signs like these are most often symptoms of serious foundation problems, and the underlying issues need to be addressed: your cement cracks, uneven floors, bowed walls, nail pops or stuck windows and doors are due to foundation failure in one way or another.

You need proven, patented and affordable solutions from experts in basement waterproofing, and a thorough inspection to identify the source of your basement moisture.


Trusted Foundation Repair Solutions

Out of town contractors don’t know about local conditions and may recommend solutions that don’t fix the problem for good. So who do you trust with your foundation repairs?

At JES, all of our foundation repair solutions are customized for your home in Virginia. When you request your free inspection, you will have peace of mind knowing that you’re dealing with foundation repair experts, with Professional Engineers on staff and over 50,000 homes repaired in the Mid-Atlantic region since 1993.

You can rest assured that if you do have a foundation problem, we have the patented, proven solutions to fix the issue for good. Need immediate help? Call us at 888-836-7993 today!

JES Helical Piers

Helical Piers are used to stabilize your home’s foundation permanently – this process is also called foundation underpinning. The piers are drilled down into stable soil or bedrock which not only permanently stabilizes your home but can also lift your home back to its original position.

JES Helical Piers are hot-dip galvanized to protect against corrosion, and the pier shafts are round, which is the strongest underpinning solution design. And Helical Piers can be installed quickly without digging using portable equipment so there is minimal disruption to your home and property, and almost no mess! Our Helical Piers have been tested and approved by the International Code Council, ensuring that you receive only the best foundation repair solution for your home.

JES Push Piers

Push Piers are installed in bedrock – the most stable soil level – and offer a permanent solution to your foundation settlement problem. JES Push Piers not only stabilize your home but they also offer the best opportunity to raise your home back to its original level, increasing home value.

JES Push Piers are the strongest piers available on the market today, designed to be two-times stronger than needed, providing a safe, life-long foundation support system. And Push Piers can be installed quickly without digging using portable equipment so there is minimal disruption to your home and property, and almost no mess! Our Push Piers have been tested in all soil types and are made of ASTM certified material, giving you the peace of mind knowing that you have a permanent solution to your home’s foundation problems.

JES Slab Piers

Slab Piers are used for homes that are built on a concrete slab foundation. The piers are installed into a deep, stable soil to level and stabilize your home, and lift the concrete slab and interior walls.

JES Slab Piers are installed in stable soil and are made of galvanized steel, offering a solution that resists corrosion and fixes your foundation problems for life. Our Slab Piers will lift and level your slab foundation, eliminating tipping hazards and restoring your home’s property value. And Slab Piers can be installed quickly without digging using portable equipment so there is minimal disruption to your home and property, and almost no mess!

IntelliJack™ System

The IntelliJack™ system is a solution to sagging floors, bouncy floors and uneven floors. The IntelliJack™ is an adjustable, high capacity steel pier that supports floor joists and beams and can even raise your floor back to its original level.

IntelliJacks are safe, reliable, and built to last, featuring heavy galvanized steel that has been load tested to support over 60,000 pounds each! IntelliJacks can be installed in tight spaces and don’t require heavy machinery which can damage your property. No concrete is needed to install IntelliJacks, making installation fast using portable equipment so there is minimal disruption to your home and property, and almost no mess!

JES Wall Anchors

Wall Anchors permanently stabilize your foundation walls, repairing leaning or bowed walls and cracks. Bowed basement or foundation walls are a serious foundation repair problem sign, and our Wall Anchors feature a lifetime transferable warranty, giving you peace of mind knowing that your foundation issues have been resolved once and for all!

Wall Anchors save you the cost, stress and mess of foundation wall replacement without disrupting your schedule or your home. Wall Anchors will restore your property value by stabilizing your foundation walls, increasing your living and storage space, and they feature a unique cover to give them a finished, clean look after installation is complete. Our Wall Anchors also can be installed around your home’s beams and decking, with minimal disruption to your landscaping.


The PowerBrace™ system reinforces your foundation walls and is typically used when your neighbor’s property is too close to install JES Wall Anchors. The PowerBrace™ is made of heavy-duty, corrosion protected steel beams, and over time it can even straighten your bowed walls while restoring your property value. The PowerBrace™ offers a long lasting solution to your foundation problems.

The PowerBrace system is custom fitted to your basement, so there is no height restriction for installation. And small, portable equipment is used for the installation, minimizing the risk of property damage without digging or the use of concrete. The PowerBrace system features a long-term warranty, giving you the peace of mind knowing that your foundation will be safe for years to come.


The CarbonArmor™ system is a state-of-the-art wall reinforcement system that can restore the value of your home. CarbonArmor™ is 10-times stronger than steel and is installed flat against your bowed or cracked walls. The unique straps are flexible which allows them to mold to your basement walls, which gives you a strong and long lasting wall stabilization solution.

CarbonArmor™ features an easy, low-mess, and fast installation, which means no digging, drilling or other messy installation methods. And since the CarbonArmor installs flat against your basement walls, once installed it can be painted or drywalled over, keeping your basement living space looking nice. With a 25-year warranty, this affordable foundation solution will give you the confidence of knowing that your bowed or cracked basement walls are fixed for the long-term.



The ShotCrete™ foundation restoration system with wall anchors completely restores and stabilizes your foundation. ShotCrete is a fiber-reinforced concrete material that that is sprayed onto your foundation wall after the wall anchors are installed. The force of Shotcrete being sprayed on has the added bonus of compacting it, which makes it two-times stronger than regular concrete.

The ShotCrete system can be installed year-round, so there’s no waiting for nice weather to repair your foundation walls. Once sprayed on, ShotCrete is smoothed over so it looks like any other clean basement wall, strengthening your foundation without having any ugly I-beams or equipment showing.


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Free Homeowner’s Guide to Foundation Repair

When you request your free inspection today, you will receive our full-color “Homeowner’s Guide to Foundation Repair”, written by the Professional Engineers here at JES! It includes everything you need to know about your home’s foundation, including what causes foundation problems, what problem signs to look for, and what to look for in a foundation repair contractor. Get your free guide today!

Don’t Wait! Get Your Free Inspection Today!

Take the first step to a safe foundation and home by requesting your free, no obligation inspection (a $399 value) by professional foundation repair experts at JES today! Our experts will evaluate your individual needs and propose a solution tailored to you, your home and your specific needs based upon the soil types, climate and other factors in Virginia, Maryland, DC, and Northeastern NC. And remember, we’re consultants…not salesmen! We’re here to help!

Rather talk to a live person? Give us a call at 888-836-7993!

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