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12 Mil Vapor Barrier – Cutting Corners is Costly

Your home is a big investment and large investment repairs can be costly. So, when your home is experiencing problems due to a dirt crawl space, you may be tempted to remedy the issue with a quick inexpensive fix like a 12 mil vapor barrier.

12 Mil Vapor Barrier

An ineffective vapor barrier can cause moisture damage to insulation and does not prevent water intrusion.

Don’t be a homeowner that cuts corners when it comes to encapsulating your crawl space. Don’t think, “Hey, nobody will see my dirt crawl space—I can afford to cut some corners.” 

In the past, it was popular to lay down 12 mil plastic liners on crawl space floors due to their low cost. However, cutting corners can be very costly when it comes to crawl space repair.

Many people believe their crawl space problems will go away with the installation of a 12 mil vapor barrier liner. At such a low cost, many figure the excess moisture in their crawl space will easily disappear forever. WRONG!

Remember the age old saying, “You get what you pay for!” Well, that still holds true for crawl space encapsulation.

See what Angie has to say about crawl space encapsulation.

A 12 mil vapor barrier rips very easily and holes are poked in it whenever you crawl on it. These flimsy liners are also very difficult to attach to walls and can be easily pulled down.

                     12 Mil Vapor Barrier      12 Mil Vapor Barrier

Although you may believe you are coming out on top by installing inexpensive vapor barriers you are actually doing yourself a disservice in the long run. Sooner than later the 12 mil vapor barrier will disintegrate and you will be faced with the same moisture problems as before.

Researchers at Advanced Energy found that although thinner vapor barriers hold moisture okay, they strongly encourage the use of thicker more durable liners.

12 Mil Vapor Barrier

The preferred industry standard for vapor barriers is a 20 mil liner, CrawlSeal. CrawlSeal is made of 20-mil 7-ply polyethylene and it significantly outperforms easy-to-tear 12 mil vapor barrier liners. The CrawlSeal liner works by COMPLETELY isolating your home from the earth.

Crawl space professionals highly recommend 20 mil liners due to their durability and other added benefits such as UV protection, which protects your liner’s longevity from the sun’s harmful rays seeping through your vents.

There are many other benefits associated with selecting 20 mil vapor barrier liners, which we have discussed in 20 Mil Vapor Barrier – 6 Reasons Why Thicker is BEST. So remember, when it comes to your home, cutting corners leads to costlier headaches.

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