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10 Mil Vapor Barrier – DIY Fails

DIY projects are a great way to cut costs and most of them give you an excuse to break out those power tools you received last Christmas, but never used. However, crawl space encapsulation is NOT one of them.

Many “weekend warriors” have attempted to take on this complex challenge, but unfortunately many have FAILED. These DIYers believed they could fix their crawl space problems with a subpar 10 mil vapor barrier liner on their own, resulting in unsavory results.

Instead of contacting a trusted and licensed crawl space repair company, these individuals took a quick trip to their local home improvement store to complete a project that will end up costing them more to correct than getting the original issue resolved in the first place.


10 mil vapor barrier10 mil vapor barrier10 mil vapor barrier

10 Mil Vapor Barrier vs. CrawlSeal 20 Mil Vapor Barrier

When it comes to your crawl space it’s best to seek the services of a licensed foundation repair company, because they have the expertise necessary to evaluate your home from the ground up and introduce a permanent fix.

If these homeowners had actually contacted a licensed professional they would have had a clean crawl space that would have provided many benefits.

                 10 Mil Vapor Barrier vs 20 Mil Vapor Barrier         10 Mil Vapor Barrier vs 20 Mil Vapor Barrier

These DIYers not only lacked the professional knowledge required to properly install these vapor barriers, but they also made the mistake of using the wrong strength of vapor barrier liner in their attempts.

The preferred industry standard for vapor barriers is a 20 mil liner, CrawlSeal. CrawlSeal is made of 20-mil 7-ply polyethylene and it significantly outperforms easy-to-tear 12 mil vapor barrier liners. The CrawlSeal liner works by COMPLETELY isolating your home from the earth.

                  10 Mil Vapor Barrier vs 20 Mil Vapor Barrier         10 Mil Vapor Barrier vs 20 Mil Vapor Barrier

Crawl space professionals highly recommend 20 mil liners due to their durability and other added benefits such as 15% energy cost savings.

There are many other benefits associated with selecting 20 mil liners, which we have discussed in 20 Mil Vapor Barrier- 6 Reasons Why Thicker is BEST.

We’re Here To Help You Find The Best Solutions For Your Crawl Space…

We will work with you every step of the way to make sure that you feel comfortable with your home’s crawl space solution – from inspection and planning to installation and project completion.

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