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Concrete Foundation Chipping

Chipping Concrete Foundation

Chipping concrete is also called spalling or scaling. This is caused by water entering the concrete and expanding (i.e. freezing). If the concrete is poorly mixed, it's more likely to spall. And if you live in an area that freezes often then you're also more likely to find chipping.

Is My Foundation Chipping Serious?

You can find out if the concrete foundation chipping is a serious problem or cosmetic by taking a closer look.

What type of foundation do you have?

Is it a poured foundation or concrete block? If you notice chipping in the blocks then have a foundation repair expert take a look at the problem area. If left alone spalling in block foundations can result in structural damage.

How long has the chipping been going on?

If it's an ongoing problem that's started to spread, you may need to have it repaired.

Are there cracks around the spalling?

If you see cracks around the chipped area then there could be a structural problem. If the cracks themselves are chipping or spalling, then call in an expert because this could be a sign of a serious problem.

Where's the chipping?

Is the spalling located at ground level? Is it in the middle of the wall? By a gutter? If the spalling is located around a gutter or the ground level and there aren't any cracks then it could be caused by poor drainage. Extend the downspouts and make sure the gutters are clear to prevent further damage.

How bad is the concrete chipping?

If it's a small shallow patch then it is probably cosmetic. But if it's a larger area that's deeper than 1/6-inch then you could have a problem. You should consult with a foundation repair expert to make sure that the concrete foundation chipping will not create a structural problem.

Are there stains around the chipping?

If the spalling's inside, and you see white chalky powder (efflorescence) or brown stains (acid damage) then you also have a hydrostatic pressure which is a basement waterproofing problem. The only way to fix this is to consult with a waterproofing expert.

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"I would like to praise your engineer and the construction crew for their professional approach to solving our foundation problems. In over forty years of practice in architecture, I have seldom seen such a well coordinated demolition/construction process. I would have JES back for any future foundation problems and will recommend JES to my clients and friends who need your services."

~ William M., Yorktown, VA

"The crew was wonderful especially the Foreman. We asked lots of questions and kept checking in and looking at the work. Each time we went to the basement, they stopped the work and carefully explained the process to us in a very friendly manner. We liked this crew and the foreman very much."

~ Suzzanne B., Culpeper, VA