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High Indoor Humidity

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High indoor humidity is more than just an annoyance; it could be telling you that you have crawl space condensation and moisture problems. High humidity can lead to mold growth, rotted floor joists and high electric bills.

What Do I Need to Do First?

First you need to find the source of your high indoor humidity . This process is messy and time consuming; forcing you to crawl around your damp or nasty crawl space to search for problem signs. Browse through the various problems signs on this page. Or, just give us a call at 866-370-4816 to request a professional crawl space evaluation, and we'll do the dirty work.

Do These Crawl Spaces Look Familiar?

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Why Do I Have High Indoor Humidity?

High indoor humidity is caused by crawl space humidity. Crawl space humidity is caused by a vented crawl space, dirt crawl space and wet weather.

Vented Crawl Space:

A vented crawl space lets in outside moisture. When you vent your crawl space on a humid day, it pulls in moisture. And when you vent your crawl space on a hot day, humidity forms. Crawl space humidity forms with the warm outside air combines with the cool crawl space air.

Dirt Crawl Space:

Dirt likes to hold onto moisture. As the dirt floor in your crawl space dries, the moisture is released into the air, creating crawl space humidity.

Wet Weather:

Rain is great for your garden but not for your crawl space. Moisture seeps into an unsealed crawl space through loose access doors, vents and foundation cracks.

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We're here to help you find the perfect solution for your home, and find out if the source of your high indoor humidity is your crawl space.

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Can I Fix My High Indoor Humidity Myself?

Fixing high indoor humidity involves more than adjusting your thermostat. A professional will need to inspect your home to find the source of your high indoor humidity and recommend a solution.

Why Fix My High Indoor Humidity?

Peace of MindWhile high indoor humidity can seem like nothing more than a discomfort, it creates problems for your home, wallet and health.

All of the air in your home is circulated through your crawl space. Your crawl space is, on average, much cooler than the outside air and the air in your home. As you know, warm air rises – this is why your attic and second story are always warmer than the rest of your home.

"High crawl space humidity can increase your electric bill 15-25%."As the warm air rises it creates a vacuum, pulling up the cooler air from your crawl space. This is also known as the Stack Effect. So, that wet air in your crawl space is being cycled through the living areas in your home. As the crawl space humidity rises, it creates high indoor humidity and other problems like wood rot, mold, bug infestations and high electric bills.

What Do I Do Now?

JES Experts in Crawl Space RepairIt's important to your home's health to find out the source of your home's high indoor humidity. Give us a call at 866-370-4816 to request your free crawl space inspection.

Our professional crawl space repair experts will work with you, every step of the way, to find and design the best crawl space repair solution tailored to fit your needs. Ask us questions! We want to hear your questions and concerns; after all we're your crawl space repair authority and are here to help you find the best solution for you home.

High Indoor Humidity Solutions

We offer a variety of solutions for high indoor humidity, including CleanSpace and Crawl-O-Sphere crawl space fan and SaniDry crawl space dehumidifier.

These products aren't always the solution to your indoor humidity problem, so it is important to have a professional take a look for you.

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Gross Crawl Space Have you ever wondered about that high indoor humidity and what causes it? Or if that drywall crack is a sign that you have a bigger problem?

Our Homeowner's Guide to Crawl Space Repair is your resource for learning about why you have a cracked block in your foundation, what causes foundation settling and what to look for to see if you have a problem. Request your free crawl space repair inspection and receive your own copy of the e-book, as our thanks for putting your trust in JES.

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"I was extremely happy with all those on the work crew for the work they performed and their professionalism. They worked continuously until dark, sometimes working until after 7:30 pm. Their finished product is impressive and they left my wife and I so glad that we selected your company. Best of all, my wife who is highly allergic to mold and mildew, has been able to breathe better than she has since we bought the house, so this is great!"

~ Thomas S., Virginia Beach
"What a transformation in our crawlspace! If it was a little deeper, I would make it a living space in my house. I am not scared to go under the house anymore."

~ Georgina B., Alexandria, VA