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Crawl Space Water

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Crawl space water is the source of your home's number one enemy: humidity. It's important to know that your crawl space humidity doesn't stay in your crawl space. The humid air circulates through your home, increasing your home's indoor humidity which is not only uncomfortable but invites dust mites and mold into your home. So don't be fooled into thinking that crawl space water is just a puddle, it's creating major problems in your home.

What Do I Need to Do First?

First you need to find the source of your crawl space water problem. This process is messy and time consuming; forcing you to crawl around your damp or nasty crawl space to search for problem signs. Browse through the various problems signs on this page. Or, just give us a call at 866-370-4816 to schedule a free inspection, and we'll do the dirty work.


We’ll let you know if we don’t need to fix the problem. Sometimes we’ll find the source of your water problem is a plumbing leak or something else that you can fix.

Do You Have Water in your Crawl Space?

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What Causes Crawl Space Water?

Water can enter your crawl space from a variety of sources including ground water, plumbing leaks and heavy rain. While the crawl space water itself doesn't cause problems outside of a wet crawl space, the moisture that evaporates from the water, a.k.a. humidity, can "If crawl space water is left to puddle and grow, your crawl space humidity will increase, as will problems which will damage your home."create problems. Wood rot, mold, mildew, and high electric bills can all be caused by crawl space humidity.

If crawl space water is left to puddle and grow, your crawl space humidity will increase, as will problems which will damage your home.


Your dirt crawl space could be causing your crawl space humidity. Soil acts like a sponge, soaking up water from above and below. After it rains, the soil soaks up the water. The water will eventually move to the soil's surface, forming puddles, crawl space moisture and humidity.

If your dirt crawl space isn't the source of your crawl space water, then a crack in your home's foundation could be letting water in and creating a problem.

Cheap Block Foundations

Concrete block foundations are the easiest and cheapest type of foundation for builders to install. The blocks are prone to cracks and other problems, letting air and water into your crawl space.

Stone Foundations

Stone foundations are typically found in older homes. The old mortar is prone to cracking and can let in water and air, creating crawl space leaks and humidity problems.

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We'll work with you every step of the way to make sure that you feel comfortable with the solution to your crawl space water – from inspection and planning to installation and project completion.

Requesting your free inspection takes 60 seconds, and you can download your Free Homeowner's Guide to Crawl Space Repair immediately!

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How Do I Get Rid of Crawl Space Water?

Gross Crawl Space Laying down a cheap crawl space vapor barrier or just installing a sump pump will not solve your crawl space water problem. Cheap crawl space vapor barriers tear, letting the water through and costing you even more money to replace.


And a sump pump will not address the real issue: your wet crawl space has a leak, and water will continue to puddle in your crawl space until the source of the leak is fixed.

To permanently solve your crawl space water problem give us a call, 866-370-4816. We'll go into your wet crawl space and search for the source of your crawl space water problem. After the inspection we'll show you the cause of your crawl space water problem and recommend solutions. If we find that your crawl space water problem is something that you can fix, we'll tell you.

Why Should I Fix My Wet Crawl Space?

Gross Crawl Space Humidity is your crawl space's enemy. As the water in your crawl space evaporates, it turns into crawl space humidity. Crawl space humidity doesn't stay in your crawl space; it rises through the rest of your home leaving a path of destruction. "Humidity is your crawl space's number one enemy. A wet crawl space creates humidity which will damage floor joists, promote mold growth and even increase your energy bill."

A wet crawl space creates humidity which will damage floor joists, promote mold growth and even increase your energy bill.

The air in your home is pulled up from your crawl space. As you know, heat rises: as the hot air rises to the top of your home, it creates a vacuum, which pulls up the cooler air from your crawl space. As the humid crawl space air travels through your home it ruins crawl space insulation, rots wood, and creates the perfect environment for mold and dust mites.

What Do I Do Now?

JES Experts in Foundation RepairCrawl space water problems can create big problems for your home. Before your wet crawl space problem grows request your free wet crawl space inspection.

We'll find the source of your crawl space water problem, show you why your crawl space health is important and work with you to create the best solution for your home.

Crawl Space Condensation Solutions

After your inspection we may recommend one of these products for your crawl space water problem: SuperSump sump pump, UltraSump sump pump, TripleSafe sump pump or CleanSpace.

Your wet crawl space problem may be caused by more than ground water or plumbing leaks. So it's important to talk with an expert to find the best solution for your wet crawl space.

I would like to tell you how pleased we are with the job JES recently did for us. We had a bad problem of water standing under our house. The inspector was very professional, courteous and explained things in a manner we both could understand. He was a pleasure to work with.

We were really pleased with the workers who did the job. The entire crew was professional, courteous, friendly and very hard working. We were quite impressed. We were especially pleased with how neat they were. The landscape looked as good as when they left as when they began. You can hardly tell where the pipes were laid.

Our pest control man came by three days after the job was finished. He told my husband, “The underneath of your house is really clean and fixed up nice. You must have had JES do this job.” When my husband said, “Yes,” he replied, “I thought so because they always do a great job.”

~ Lonnie & Mona L.

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Crawl Space Repair Solutions

"I was extremely happy with all those on the work crew for the work they performed and their professionalism. They worked continuously until dark, sometimes working until after 7:30 pm. Their finished product is impressive and they left my wife and I so glad that we selected your company. Best of all, my wife who is highly allergic to mold and mildew, has been able to breathe better than she has since we bought the house, so this is great!"

~ Thomas S., Virginia Beach
"What a transformation in our crawlspace! If it was a little deeper, I would make it a living space in my house. I am not scared to go under the house anymore."

~ Georgina B., Alexandria, VA